Gluten-Free Cake Recipes

Looking for the perfect cake for that special someone with a gluten sensitivity? Then look now further, browse dozens of incredible cakes that are sure to make an impression and are COMPLETELY gluten-free!

From traditional favorites like Gluten-Free Carrot Cake and Gluten-Free Victoria Sponge to something more unique and modern like my to-die-for Gluten-Free Banana Rum Caramel Cake, find the perfect cake for that specific someone or occasion.

Dark Chocolate, Seville Orange, Ricotta and Pine Nut Cake

White Nectarine Thyme Limoncello Cake

Strawberry Honey Cake

Apple Cinnamon Ricotta Friands {gluten-free}

Sticky Date and Banana Malt Loaf

Spiced Pear Butter and Hazelnut Praline Cake

Escape (The Pinã Colada Cake)

Blond Chocolate Mousse Cake {gluten-free}

Bounty Cake {gluten-free}

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream

Raspberry and White Chocolate Banana Bread