Baking Essentials Gift Guide

Are you stuck what to get the baker in your life? Or are you putting together a little wish list of your own? Well this Baking Essentials Gift Guide is a little special as I have scoured the internet to find the best deals on all your baking essentials. Everything is priced under £10, meaning that these gifts are perfect for a Secret Santa or a stocking filler.

That’s not all, I’ve also thrown in a bonus gift guide if your passion is really in baking yummy layer cakes. Have a look below, you are sure to find exactly the gift you need.

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    When I was working on the cake stall I would always get comments on my denim apron. The good news is that I’ve found this denim apron at an amazing price. And it’s just as stylish.
    An indispensable item in baking. I use a balloon whisk from everything to custards to beating eggs to whipping up double cream. You really can’t go wrong with this Oxo Good Grips Balloon Whisk.
    Do you want your muffins to look as good as the ones from the bakery? Then grab these gold patterned muffin wraps.
    If you’re making caramel, chocolate, buttercream or scraping out bowls and jars then silicone spatulas are the only utensils that will get the job done properly. And these spatulas are great as they are crafted in one piece and come in a range of sizes.
    Nielsen-Massey make excellent extracts. Choose from Almond Extract or Vanilla Extract or even Lemon Extract.
    Since I turned to silicone pastry brushes I’ve never looked back. They are dishwasher proof, clean up really well and last an age. I love this Zeal Silicone Pastry Brush in Mustard.
    I was taught to bake in weights rather than volume measurements and I really know no other way. It’s reliable, accurate and these excellent scales are under £10. For more reasons why you should make the switch take a look at my post on why you should weigh ingredients rather than measure with cups.
    It’s important to have a lovely pair when you’re pulling your pies and cakes out of the oven and these do just the trick.
    These cookie cutters are great because you can choose the fluted or plain edge to your cookies. Although the most common use for these cookie cutters in my kitchen are for the perfect shaped scones.
  10. PIE TIN
    This pie tin is brilliant because the perforations mean a perfectly baked pastry base. No soggy bottoms here.
    Metal mixing bowls are the best choice. They are light, easy to clean and keep your ingredients cool as you are mixing them. Plus they don’t retain odour and can stack really easily. I have them in a variety of sizes.
    There are no pesky metal rings keeping these measuring spoons together, they stick with magnets. So much easier to store, use and clean. Plus the double sided measures here mean you can measure both liquid and dry ingredients without a wash in between.

And now for that bonus Baking Essentials Gift Guide I promised you. The below guide is for the cake obsessed. You know, the friend who can’t stop bringing delicious layer cakes into work. The guide includes all the basics for making and decorating beautiful cakes, plus everything is under £10.

A collage of images of baking essential for stocking fillers

    A cake leveller is something you don’t know you need until you have one. It can even off the domed tops of your sponges creating a perfectly flat layer for decorating so you can avoid wonky cakes. It also can split a sponge in half, creating thinner layers for your sponges.
    Absolutely essential when decorating your cake with buttercream. These offset spatulas allow you to create beautifully smooth or rustic swirls of icing around your cake. The range of sizes mean you can really achieve perfection.
    The ability to spin your cake around as you are decorating it is so useful when decorating your cake. This decorating turntable is basic but does just the job.
    The silver light metal of these Anodised Aluminium Cake Tins conducts heat evenly meaning your cakes are perfect every time. Your cakes will slip out of their tins no problem. However, you must always handwash. They come in all range of sizes but the 8 inch round x 4 inch deep ones are my go-to.
    For the longest time we could only get foil cake boards in the UK which are great at not sticking to your cake but don’t always look exactly as you need them to. These white card boards are perfect for placing your cake on. They look innocuous and a little bit rustic.
    For achieving perfectly smooth buttercream edges then you need a cake smoother/scraper.
    This set is the really the only piping set you need. I usually stick to these four tips for creating stars, swirls, ruffles, buttercream flowers. They do everything you need them to.
    I like disposable piping bags and these ones are heavy duty, easier to use than cloth bags and fit all kinds of piping tips.
    Investing in release spray means you are not coating your cake tins with lumpy butter or too greasy oil. This spray gives a very light mist which doesn’t affect your cakes at all. Invaluable for bundt cakes.

How to Create the Perfect Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Gift Hamper

A guide to the best food gifts to include in a gluten-free and dairy-free gift hamper.

Hey guys, did you know that I lurrve food?

If people know anything about me, that’s probably top of the list. So it’s natural if these said people wanted to buy me a present they might think of going in that direction.

Oh, blast but then they remember I’m gluten-free. It’s hard to buy food gifts for someone who is gluten-free isn’t it? Well it isn’t now I’ve created this super handy guide to help you create a very special gift hamper for that super lovely gluten-free person in your life. This is not a sponsored post, these are just products that I absolutely love and cherish in my own kitchen so I know how gratefully they would be received.

Also, to make your gift hamper even more desirable I’ve also chosen products that are by their nature dairy-free. Most of these items are under £10 so perfect for stocking fillers or to deck out the most impressive gluten and dairy-free hamper imaginable. I would be seriously chuffed to receive any of these as presents, let alone the whole lot!

    1. Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Cacao/Cocoa Powder 500g An alternative to cocoa powder which is much more nutritious. Don’t use it for baking as it’s a bit pricey for that but it’s great in porridge, in smoothies and for making these Chocolate Tahini Energy Balls
    2. Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce 354 ml (Pack of 2) The perfect condiment. There are no hidden nasties in this hot sauce and it’s a bit more chilled out than Tabasco with a delicious peppy taste. Use it splashed into bolognaise, over houmous, or to brighten up soups. Its uses are endless but it is addictive.
    3. yourhealthstore Premium Gluten Free Sweet Rice Flour (glutinous) 1kg. The indispensible gluten-free flour. It’s the number one flour in most of my cakes. Use it to make beautifully smooth roux to create perfect gravy and cheese sauces. It’s also the key to the best Gluten-Free Yorkshire Puddings.
    4. Pana Chocolate Bars, Mint, 3-Piece. A luxurious treat. It’s also vegan, raw and organic. The mint flavour is particularly good.
    5. TIANA Fair Trade Organics Raw Coconut Goodness – 350g. This is pure coconut which you can use to make rich coconut cream or thin out to make a lighter coconut milk. Or use it as is directly into your curries. Very special.
    6. Cocofina Organic Coconut Amino – Alternative to Soy Sauce 250ml. A delicious alternative to soy sauce which is completely soy and gluten-free.
    7. Hunter & Gather Gluten & Sugar Free Garlic Avocado Oil Ketogenic Diet Mayonnaise – 175g. There is no vegetable oil in this mayonnaise just pure goodness. It’s like having homemade mayonnaise without all the bother.
    8. Sea Salt Premium Roasted Corn 45G x 10 Bags. You need some good decent snacks in a gift hamper and this roasted corn snack is utterly moreish.
    9. Seedlip Spice 94 Non-alcoholic Spirit, 70cl. This is a non-alcoholic spirit that is a real luxury item. Made using similar botanicals to gin so a beautiful and fancy drink with a splash of tonic.
    10. EMBER Biltong – Beef Jerky – Chilli (1 x 500g) – British and Irish Jerky. High Protein Biltong Snack – No Sugar Healthy Snacks, 1 x 500g Bulk Bag (Chilli). Good biltong is hard to find so the hard work has been done here for you. This is a great delicious high protein snack.
    11. Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) 50g by PureChimp – Ceremonial Grade From Japan. A beautifully smooth superior quality grassy tea which can also be used in baking. With 5% of profits going to charity it’s a double win.

This post is not sponsored but the images above are affiliate links which means if you decide you want to use these link to make your purchases then Amazon gives me a small commission at no cost to you whatsoever. I will only recommend products I use in my kitchen and love. To learn more about how the data processing works when using these Amazon affiliate links then please visit my privacy policy page.

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