How to make any recipe gluten-free using bespoke homemade flour blends

✨Do you miss baking your favourite cakes?
✨Do you struggle finding recipes that suit your dietary requirements?
✨Are your bakes gummy, crumbly and lacklustre?
✨Do you want to say goodbye to xanthan gum for good?

Master the art of using gluten-free flours to create easy cakes, cookies and muffins that you will cherish with my new signature Gluten-Free Digital Baking Course ✨Gluten-Free Baking: Voyager✨

This new online course will cover my unique system for adapting recipes to gluten-free using a bespoke selection of single origin flours which are suitable for you, your budget and easily available to you!

Coming September 2022!!!!

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    Georgina Hartley

    Creator of

    From The Larder

    Who am I?

    Georgina founded From The Larder in 2013, with an objective to help home cooks and bakers achieve amazing results through using wholesome gluten-free ingredients without the need of xanthan gum.

    What will you learn?

    • The key to choosing the right gluten-free flours for a recipe.
    • How to adapt your favourite recipes.
    • How to personalise recipes to your own individual requirements.
    • How to create homemade flour blends.
    • How to bake without using xanthan or any other kind of gum.