Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

I make no bones about it, these energy bars have been shamelessly ripped from the Nakd bar. I was completely reliant on Nakd bars when I worked as a TV Producer. I was either too busy to have breakfast so I grabbed one of these, maybe I had edits that ran over lunch so I kept going by pulling one of these out of my bag, or I was working late which meant that dinner was pushed until I got home at some heinous hour and my Nakd bars would once again save the day. I always had heaps of them crammed into my desk drawer, handbag and coat pockets.

Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

Since I’ve been working from home, I haven’t found the need to rely so much on shop bought snacks, there is usually cake around or I’m recipe testing so I can munch on a bit of whatever I’m cooking or baking. Can you tell I was a bit more diet conscious when I wasn’t slouching around in tracky bums, baggy t-shirts and slippers all day.

Well, I’m upping the health factor in my life at the moment, making sure I achieve my 5-a-day, consume my 700mg of calcium and perhaps not rely on chocolate to fill the spare five minutes I have whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. With healthy eating comes healthy snacking so although I won’t rely on these bars like I used to it’s incredibly handy having something in that I can have if I need a sugar or protein hit. If I’m going for a long walk with Billy Buddy then I find that one of these is absolutely perfect for my dipping energy if I’m getting pulled around by an excitable little dog.

Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

Having exhausted all the flavours of Nakd bars during my obsession with them I always wanted to give them a go myself, after all there is only about four ingredients listed on the back of the packets. I should have carved out time to do this years ago, as they were one of the easiest things to prepare. If you own a food mixer then that’s all you need to whizz up the ingredients before you press into a tin, refrigerate and then cut into bars.

When I set about making these I didn’t have any particular plan in mind other than I wanted to use up some of my dried cranberries; I severely overestimated how many I would need over Christmas and my larder is overrun with them. I love cranberry and macadamia together and then found buried in the back the remains of a packet of macadamias which hadn’t gone out of date yet – score! There weren’t quite enough nuts so I amped up the quantity by substituting almonds. I also added dates which are the main ingredient in any Nakd bar to bind the bars together, I used plump sticky medjool dates to add juiciness and deeper flavour. There are more dates than cranberries in this recipe but the dates add the background note whilst the overriding zingy flavour is of the cranberries. I couldn’t resist adding a tablespoon of freeze dried raspberry powder either for more berry flavour.

Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

They worked out better than expected. The raspberry powder lifts the whole bar so it tastes fresher somehow. You can get raspberry powder from Father Christmas when he puts it in your stocking to open on Christmas morning or if you weren’t quite as lucky as I was then it’s easy enough to buy online.

These bars should keep for about a week in the fridge but you could also double the quantity I’ve suggested here and stick them in the freezer so you have lots to keep you going. I made mine in a smaller quantity of eight so I can move onto another flavour when these are done.

Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

Raw Cranberry and Nut Energy Bars

Makes about 8

180g medjool dates, pitted
75g dried cranberries
75g macadamia nuts
50g blanched almonds
1 tablespoon freeze dried raspberry powder

    1. Place all the ingredients in a food mixer and whizz up together for a few minutes until the nuts have completely ground into the dried fruit. It should come together into a sticky ball.
    2. Tip the fruity nuttiness into a rectangular baking tin lined with cling film so that the cling film hangs generously over the side of the tin.
    3. Press the mixture into the tin so the surface is completely even, then wrap the cling film back over the top to protect it.
    4. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm up then remove the cling filmed mixture from the tin. Peel off the cling film and cut into evenly sized bars.
    5. Wrap each bar back up individually in cling film or baking parchment then store in the fridge for about a week or keep in the freezer.


Here is the raspberry powder I used for this recipe.
Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder 150g
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  1. Do you reckon you could substitute the nuts for something? They look really yummy but I have a complete aversion to nuts! (I probably should have just said I was allergic) Maybe some sort of seed?

    • Hi Ilona, I haven’t tried it so let me know if you do substitute with seeds. I absolutely love pumpkin seeds so would definitely start there, just substituting with the nuts on a 1:1 ratio. You can add some sunflower seeds and linseeds into the mix too for a more complex bar.


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