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This is a little something I am hoping to keep up to date with every so often, mainly because since I work from home I only have the three little monsters to discuss last night’s TV and my latest Amazon purchase with. The idea is to give a vent to everything I am currently obsessing and getting overly excited about. As a note, it might generally involve trashy teen TV programmes and nail varnish. It gives my husband a break from receiving this information via annoying calls at work at least.

I am on the committee of Stroud Green WI and this month we had one of my favourite meetings so far. We were joined by Sof McVeigh author of ‘Treat Yourself Natural’ and founder of ‘The Homemade Company.’ She demonstrated how to make homemade natural lip balm and we made our own sea-salt body scrub to take home. I care so much about the natural food I eat, why don’t I care about the nasty petroleum I put on my lips on a daily basis? Well, I do now and henceforth homemade lip balm is the only way forward. The best thing about making your own lotions and potions is that it’s like cooking but without the calories. Very Whole30.

HomemadeI discovered Pop boutique in Covent Garden this week and bought my new favourite jumper as a souvenier of my two weeks working in town. The bad thing about working from home is that you can happily wear the same clothes several days in a row and no one will notice. It practically had to be wrestled off me to be washed. Thanks to the clemency of our weather it was dry in one afternoon and back on it went. I think I might have to get it in more colours, or a perhaps a perspective?

BleakerMy new nail colour is called Cute as a Button by Essie and it is so therefore so am I. It’s just logic.

Cute As a Button by EssieDid you know you can revisit the early 2000s, throw on that wifebeater, get those fists pumping and go to Chino and back with Amazon Prime. I am not embarrassed to say I have been reliving my Ryan thumping and Summer/Seth shipping this past month having re-watched all four melodramatic seasons of The OC. Californnnniiiiiaaaaa, here I coooooooooommmeeee!

Another equally dramatic TV (although admittedly the stakes are a little larger than will Summer find out about Seth’s Spring Break Shaving Foam Incident) I’ve been charging through is Orange is the New Black. I finally finished the second series this morning having unapologetically mainlined the whole thing over the past few days. My lunchtimes have been fuelled by black market dealing, backstabbing, deception and heartbreak, all the while undercut with humour and moments of undeniable triumph. I loved the second series just as much as the first and the only problem with this kind of binge watching is having to wait a whole year to find out what happens next.

I am a horrible sucker for the downbeat pop song revisit, the kind that Greys Anatomy mine so well; who knew We Built This City as sung by Jill Andrews and Aron Wright could sound so melancholy, a bit of a departure from the singing kitty. Ditto for Lana del Rey’s Maleficent release of Once Upon A Dream. The film itself may be disappointing around the world but I love her noir rendition of this classic Disney trilly song.

I’ve mentioned before how my heart belongs in the American Deep South and last year I made a mini pilgrimage to Nashville to soak in the music. It goes without saying that Nashville the TV programme is a complete must watch for me, I fell in love with Connie Britton in Friday Night Lights but I just simply love her and Hayden Panettiere on Nashville. As well as the twisty turny soapiness of it all, the music is just my brand of country. If it ain’t Nashville I ain’t listening to it.  Not totally true, but nearly. I am plugged into the Nashville season 2 soundtrack which was released this week on Spotify. Every song brings back the memories of my evenings spent eating sweet potato fries and listening to acoustic guitar at The Bluebird and the grand showmanship of The Grand Old Opry.

The Bluebird

OpryRestaurantwise I might have visited Song Que Café in Kingsland Road twice in the past 5 days, but their salads are sooo good.

Finally I am ever so grateful to Capital Dog Walkers who have looked after the puppy so well these past couple of weeks, picking him up every morning, taking him to frolic in the fields of Hertfordshire and dropping him off without fuss or bother in the evenings. He has been loving running free with his pack and they have taken such good care of our cheeky little monkey. The best thing about his daily jaunts is that he is so tired in the evenings that he is only emptying our wastepaper baskets and running rampant with my slippers half heartedly.

Billy Buddy

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