Willow’s Wicked Elixir


Willow's Wicked ElixirDid you have squillions of blackberries rolling around your kitchen this year after many an enthusiastic and prickly squandering of all the blackberry bushes within a 5-mile radius? You did? Samies!

This year our Halloween temptress herself requested a cocktail in her name which was very good of her seeing as she only drinks catmilk, and I pooh-poohed that suggestion straight off the bat. From there, I didn’t have far to look for inspiration as sitting resplendent at the forefront of our drinks cabinet was evidence of this year’s obsessive blackberry picking. Most of the blackberry elixir has been sequestered away as presents for very special family members, but I kept a bottle back for medicinal use as the long autumn evenings require a little extra vitamin c. You know, to ward off colds.

Not so Wicked Willow

This particular elixir was crafted to make full use of the pulp and pips which were left over after I made blackberry jelly and I couldn’t bear them going to waste. However, this is so good that the blackberries could have been picked solely for this purpose. So if you have any cleverly stashed blackberries in your freezer from last month which haven’t quite made it into a pie yet then you must work quickly and quietly whilst everyone is out. If you store your elixir at the back of the cupboard where no one can see it or drink it but you then its magical properties will work all the better. Willow insists and it is her elixir.

Willows Wicked ElixirWillow’s Wicked Elixir

200g blackberries
Juice and Zest of 1 lime
600ml vodka
250ml Armagnac
250ml sugar syrup

Add all the ingredients together, store in a large bottle or jar for 2 weeks, giving it a shake every other day, then strain and bottle. Easy peasy pudding and pie.

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