Don’t go near the cupcakes

One word of advice.  Don’t design cupcakes that scare you.

Jaws is my sister’s favourite film so for her 30th birthday I wanted to do something special for her cake.  In hindsight my shark phobia was a slight stumbling block to really thorough research on the project.  Searching online for pictures of shark’s fins was never going to be an option since images of gnashing teeth and beady eyes of death truly terrify me.  I have been known to unwittingly turn the page of the morning’s paper to find a grinning great white leering at me from between the print, have a heart attack and hurl the paper in a panic.  Which always goes down well on the tube in rush hour.
Don't Go Near The Cupcakes

So I was relieved to find inspiration on 100 Great Cupcake Ideas on Squidoo who had done the hard work for me so I can’t take too much credit in the end for the design.

The cakes themselves were blueberry blue velvet, which were light and fluffy the way velvet cakes should be with the pop of blueberry to lift them.  Plus they made everybody’s mouth blue which was an amusing bonus.  I used Nigella’s red velvet cupcake recipe from Kitchen and just substituted the red food colouring for blue.  Although be prepared to add slightly more if the cocoa powder is toning down the blue too much.  I rolled the blueberries around in flour before throwing them into the mix at the very end to make sure they sat evenly throughout the batter, otherwise they have a tendency to sink to the bottom.  I then used my favourite vanilla frosting for the top and a trace more blue food colouring.
Don't Go Near The Cupcakes

Oh, and I did need a bigger cupcake carrier, those shark’s fins were really tall.

Don't Go Near The Cupcakes4

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